Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Finally Fall

Works from this Summers Chelsea Market show..
"Last Dayz"2008 , Acrylic ink on book

Study of Mongolian Woman.2008, ink on book

Trail of an Octopus leading a parade.2008, ink on book

some fall shows..

A flashback, to an art show with the crew..Tribeca 2004


Palindrome said...

Art is something that is really completely out of the ordinary for me.. It is the flame that puts out the shame and heartache that my day went through. It is a beautiful thing. Yet at the same time it can mind boggle a soul into thinking something completely different. What I love bout art, is that you envision your own meaning behind the creativity of the art itself. Your imagination can take you many places and only in your imagination can you be in two happy places at once :)
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johnbreiner1@gmail.com said...

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