Wednesday, April 23, 2008

"Trail Of An Octopus"..

Sensei East 1st st. NYC
August, 3rd 2007..

"Just Staying Afloat" Acrylc ink, Spray paint and Xerox on bookjacket.

Self Portrait..

After a rather tremultuous year plus some, I finally found my newest artwork slithering into the Lower East side's Sensei Gallery. With the help of one Stephen "Dirty South" Key, the work was hung with no problems. A homeless dude yelled about his Johnson, and A parking ticket was given. (Sneaky short chick couldn't even see her over the roof of the car..) Uneventful enough by NY standards I set out into the hot afternoon relived that the show was up...
Later that night despite the 90 plus degrees 100% humidity weather, A good amount of people braved the heat and came out and checked the work.. This Group of work had Basically become a journal, of sorts. My Trail of thoughts and ideas for the last year. As well as my Defense, all left in behind in ink.

Down In the Park. 2007 Ink and xerox on book.

"DumbDown" 2007, Ink and xerox on BookJacket..

Trail Of An Elaphant.. 2006.Acrylic ink and Spraypaint on book

"Somethinginthewaterthoughwhereicomefrom" 2006, hand drawn transfers on book


secret wars. 2007. Ink and xerox and spraypaint on paper

Thanks to Joe and Lola and everyone who came out..

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