Monday, March 10, 2008

old School Monday: P.P.O.W

The inception of the books,, 2002- 2003 P.P.O.W Gallery NY

Originally i was Attracted to the yellowness, but soon it became a project of rescuing books never to be read again. I strip them down and work with with the marks life provided. I then add my own and send them back out into the world. By stripping them down of anything that mighty scare off the audience, (I.E. Thickness of pages) i also work on the end pages where some people will read the summary of the book, and obviously a pictures worth a thousand words. My hope is that in this new format these books will be able to compete with moder media and return to conveying information as they once did.

Untitled Pigeon book"* 2003 Acrylic ink on book

"Chief" 2003 Acrylic ink and Smoke on Book

BeAware pt 1" 2003 Etching on book

Untitled 2002. Acrylic ink on book

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