Tuesday, January 15, 2008

This Side Of Light

Friday, September 21st 2007
Ad Hoc Art Brooklyn NY

"Things fall Apart" 2007 Acrylic ink, Hand Drawn transfers and Xerox on book



"Untitled Elephant" 2003, Acrylic ink on metal

"Deadly Game Of Chess Realized"..2007 , Acrylic ink and spray Paint on wood

"Cope" 2004 , Acrylic ink, Etching and Spraypaint on book jacket

"Evil Twins Handstands" * 2005, Etching on paper

"Somethinginthewaterthoughwhereicomefrom" (version2) * 2007 Acrylic ink and handdrawn tranfer on canvas

"HUH?" 2005 Etching on book jacket

Thanks To everyone who came out to ADHoc last night..

The J.B's did there thing..

Wbuha was confused..

and Farmer Fresh was in the place..


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