Monday, November 26, 2007

Flashback: Scope art

Detail of my room..Photo by: Vara Fine art

Scope Art Miami Fl. Dec 2004
In a not so old, old school monday i present what was to be my first major show intitled "Surfaces". Curated by Renee Vara and Michael Sellinger it featured the Work of myself, Jeroen Jongeleen and Eric Payson. It was During Scope Art @ the Townhouse hotel in December of 2004 that i was first introduced to the rapid pace, highspending art circuit. A place where little old ladys moved at the speed of light. I knew little of this..

"HorsePower" * 2004 Acrylic ink and Spraypaint on bookjacket

"Aesop" * 2004 Etching on paper

"Untitled Crab book" * Photo Etching and Acrylic ink on Book

"Untitled Pigeon book"* 2003 Acrylic ink on book

"Chief" 2003 Acrylic ink and Smoke on Book

"BeAware pt 1" 2003 Etching on book

Elephant book * 2004 Acrylic ink and Spraypaint on Book

Physical Diagnosis * 2003 Acrylic ink and Spraypaint on paper

"untitled" 2002? Acrylic on found Metal

"Kareem" * 2003 Acrylic and Spray paint on found metal..

(A mention in Londons "Art News Paper")

( an excerpt of a conversation featured on Latin
SCOPE and the NADA Art Fair operate in a similar manner. Converting hotel rooms (SCOPE took place at the TOWNHOUSE Hotel) into exhibition spaces is a challenging endeavor. There were several rooms at SCOPE where the mattresses had been removed from the rooms and the bed frames were turned on end and used as hanging supports. There were also single artist installations, which I again found more successful. Artist John Breiner, for example, creates drawings on book covers. Rather than discard the book pages, for his installation at SCOPE the unused pages (the meat of the book) were strewn throughout the room to completely cover the floor, the bed, and even the bureau. The drawings depicting fractious narratives of Indians, mechanical landscapes, and zebras, to name a few, were hung in no apparent order around the room. The underlying sense of violence in the images complimented the destructive act of taking apart the books--the torn pages left as evidence.
(the whole artical)

all room photos by Vara Fine Art.

(The Show, other artist's and Pics below:)

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