Friday, September 7, 2007

Deadly Game Of Chess..

Deadly Game Of Chess (part #3) * .. 2007 Mixed Technique on Paper

The Deadly game of Chess is a group of thoughts and visions i started getting around a year or two ago. Not always but mainly of wars going on just below the surface, or just out of sight.. Or Simply when no ones looking..Between Animals, People,and elaphants and Ants on seesaws..( I use Animals because there cooler then a gun ( like 2 guns..)
The animal world is just more real, no egos, or weird motivations, if your a zebra youll have your leg swiped off by a tiger, If your a person holding a camera, youll be eaten..I like getting down to the basics..So i use em..

Deadly Game Of Chess Part #2 ( Blue Beee's vs yellow Bee's w some goats and cows in between)
unfinished here..
Mixed Technique (which if your curious, involves pen, acrylic ink, and xerox, sometimes spray paint..)

Deadly Game Of Chess part 1 2006.. Mixed Technique on paper.. (And all xeroxes are hand drawn ..)

This is the first one, i came up with. Inspired from one of my former views in Jersey City..
Part 3 up top is my curent veiw in Brooklyn..

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